Welcome to the Coder's Corner @FVI

Welcome to FVI's coder corner. This is the main page for the Technology Department in Florida Vocational Institute. Besides telling you a little bit about us, the main ourpose of this page is to compile resources to help the world learn to code. We want to bring coding to the masses because we believe it's not only for mega genius nerds. In fact, we believe that if you don't learn to code, our code will take your job and you will find yourself in the position of a horseshoe maker in the 1930s. (jobless and crying)

Our Faculty

Our faculty has over 40 years of combined experience in programming and Computer Science

Joe Narvaez

Joe Narvaez



Victor Moreno

Victor Moreno

Program Director


Randy Ferrer

Randy Ferrer



Student's Resources

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Free intro Class

We use project-based learning, lectures and written explanations to take you through the basics of HTML, CSS and JS programming, including sending AJAX requests.

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Drill Sergeant App

In Development. This app is designed to allow students to drill Javascript Syntax until it becomes second nature. We believe that most online resources focus too much on explanation and not enough on practice.

Student Projects

See some of the coolest stuff our students are making. #careerhack your way to success by filling your portfolio with awesome works like these.

FVI on other platforms

Check us out on YouTube for all kinds of coding gains. In particular, check out our Codecademy.com walkthrough and our mini projects series.

If you want JS problems to solve, follow our head instructor at codewars.com.

Also, remember to check out the podcasts and resources our partners have to offer.