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26 June 2016

TechHire Bootcamps Off to a Strong Start

Within just a week of starting, nearly 90% of students in the Homestead TechHire bootcamp have already completed their CyberSafe certifications....

09 June 2017

Miami Tech Gets Another Big Win in Federally Funded Bootcamps

TechLaunch @ FVI and CareerSource South Florida are forging ahead, once again, to accelerate the growth of the Miami Tech industry....

26 May 2017

Stuck in a Dead-End Job? Here’s How to Escape into Financial Freedom

Instead of struggling with long hours and low wages just to make ends meet, take the smart way out. Escape the rat race, into real financial freedom....

12 May 2017

Why Miami Workers are Suddenly Making This Career Change

Huge numbers of Miamians - even those who'd studied non-technical subjects in college, or didn't go to college at all - have been making this career change....