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Side of the building in Miramar
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Miami's Florida Vocational Institute expands to Miramar

Having recently expanded to Broward County, the Florida Vocational Institute is now enrolling for September classes.

It's a Google and Amazon world. And these Miami kids are taking this step to work there

Tech is work and work is tech. And a group of Miami kids don’t want to be left out when it comes to a job.

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TechLaunch Leads Largest Non-Profit Anchored Coding Bootcamp for Miami’s Economically Disadvantaged Youth and Minorities

TechLaunch@FVI summer coding bootcamps is teaching 21st century skills for 21st century careers to more economically disadvantaged youth and minorities.

HeyCuba Hackathon aids to expand Internet access on island

Florida Vocational Institute‘s Miami campus and non-profit Apretaste are hosting more than 100 coders for the HeyCuba Hackathon aiming to expand Cuba’s Internet access.

Miami Company Helps Cubans Access the Internet Through Their Email

During his address to the Cuban people in Havana last week, President Obama called for expanded online access across the island and deemed the internet “one of the greatest engines of growth in human history.”

Miami hackathon aims to improve Cuba's web access

Cuban immigrant Salvi Pascual founded Miami-based Apretaste to provide a loophole for Cuba residents to more freely browse the web. And he’s hoping that Miami hackathon HeyCuba will produce winning applications to expand those efforts.

130 programadores se reúnen en Miami a fin desarrollar estrategias para ofrecer internet a los cubanos

Ciento treinta programadores se darán cita desde este viernes en Miami para ser parte de una “hackathon” dirigida a desarrollar aplicaciones que permitan a los cubanos acceder a internet.

Una "Hackathon" en Miami reúne a 130 programadores para conectar a Cuba

Mas de 100 programadores seran parte de una “hackathon” dirigida a desarrollar aplicaciones que permitan a los cubanos acceder a internet.

HeyCuba, cómo se accede a la internet a través del correo electrónico

Durante el fin de semana del 11 al 13 de marzo, HeyCuba desarrollará un hackatón en Miami. Se trata de un evento para atraer programadores que colaboren en el proyecto.

Florida Vocational Institute Announces Associate Level Nursing Program


Opportunity for students to earn an entry-level nursing degree

Florida Vocational Institute (FVI) has introduced a new Associate of Science in Nursing (ADN) program at its Miramar, FL, campus.

The program, which launched on September 4th, 2019, prepares students for an entry-level professional nursing position. The curriculum is a combination of classroom, lab simulation and hands-on clinical training that match students with leading healthcare facilities throughout South Florida.